46 cute gentle nail polish patterns lead the 2022 trend

Beautiful nail polish with simple motifs helps women become prominent and extremely attractive. Lest discover the beautiful nail polish patterns trend 2022

Beautiful nail polish with simple motifs helps women become prominent and extremely attractive. Lest discover the beautiful nail polish patterns trend 2022

1 Pink Nail Polish

1 Pink nail polish

Pink nail polish gives your hands a sweet, beautiful beauty that makes her attractive. Owning this nail model you can combine more splendid dresses or a pair of high heels, a beautiful pair of hands with a beautiful pink nail will make the girl look much more beautiful and prominent.

2 Multicolored Nail Polish

2 Multicolored nail polish

Colorful nail polish is making the wind on fashion, home and beauty forums. If you are looking for a sweet, innocent style and want your nails to look long, choose this type of nails immediately!

3 Nail Polish For Dairy Cows

3 Nail polish for dairy cows

The image of the funny and adorable cow on the nails is depicted both authentic and lovely to give people a certain friendliness. This model of cow nail polish has always been an endless source of inspiration for the creativity of art that brings different styles.

4 White Nail Polish

4 White nail polish

White nail polish is one of the nail models of choice for many people. Owning this nail model gives you a stylish and luxurious look that is no less pure and gentle and impressive.

5 Rough Nail Polish

5 Rough nail polish

This is one of the most popular nail polishes for women. This nail polish gives a luxurious look and helps girlfriends to attract “lighting up” the appearance.

6 Nail Polish For Cats Eyes

6 Nail polish for cat’s eyes

Cat’s eye nail polish is one of the types of storms on the market today thanks to its unique beauty, durability and beautiful light effects. The cat’s nail polish style inspired by the sparkling eyes of the cat helps the hands more soft, delicate and extremely impressive.

7 Ombre Nail Polish

7 Ombre nail polish

Ombre nail has been appearing on beauty forums for a long time but so far has not run out of hot. This nail style appears from France with impressive styling with a color tone transition from light to bold. This nail polish is often made in collaboration with hair and clothing, which is converted from light to purely bold extremely eye-catching and luxurious.

8 Matte Nail Polish

8 Matte Nail polish

Nail has been around for a few years and quickly became a fashion trend favored by its uniqueness and sophistication. This nail gives a warm and sweet feeling.

9 Matte Black Nail Polish

9 Matte Black Nail Polish

Owning this nail polish will make you look outstanding and extremely attractive when combined with the right outfits and accessories. Black nail polish is not only a new change but also shows class and style for girls with personality. Black also represents independence in personality, strong but no less noble, noble.

10 White Bordered Nail Polish

10 White-bordered nail polish

The white nail polish, also known as the beautiful French nail pattern with only a white line on the top of the nail is more impressive with more disruptive colors and textures.

11 Turquoise Nail Polish
11 Turquoise nail polish

This nail polish is extremely suitable for girls who work in the office, hanging out with friends is also very likely to go on a date. The combination of decorative motifs and gentle blue tones helps to enhance the prominence and charm of the hands.

12 Dicucent Luminious Nail Polish

12 Dicucent Luminious nail polish

This nail polish is a trend that makes every girl fascinated by it is also “crazy” nail devotees. This nail pattern gives you a gentle sweetness and prominence wherever it appears.

13 Pastel Nail Polish

13 Pastel nail polish

Pastel color creates a calming, courteous feeling chosen by many women. Owning this nail polish helps you to enjoy creativity with this bright color!

14 Blue Nail Polish

14 Blue nail polish

Beautiful blue nail polish has officially become the leading nail tone, “making the wind rain” in the past time. This nail gives your hands a youthful and striking charm.

15 Hello Kitty Nail Polish

15 Hello Kitty nail polish

The sisters still especially favor hello kitty nail model which is cute and converges all the youthful and trendy colors. It’s as fresh as welcoming new joy, dear friends. Therefore, this nail polish is worn during holidays, new spring or other special occasions.

16 Yellow Nail Polish

16 Yellow nail polish

In the tones, yellow means warmth, happiness, wealth. This is also a color that represents the personality of the girls. Therefore, yellow nail polish appears a lot in life, fashion style and especially trendy nail models are trusted by young people.

17 Purple Nai Polish

17 Purple nail polish

Purple is the hot trend color of this year that makes every girl fascinated. Purple not only causes a fever when it is a hair color, is the color of crop tops, dresses, but it is also “crazy” by nail devotees.

This is a sweet light tone that helps you look a lot lighter, cooler. Although pastel purple is quite picky skin, but when it is a nail color, it helps to lift your skin tone extremely well.

18 Earthy Pink Nail Polish

18 Earthy pink nail polish

Pink nail polish is a hot color chosen by many girls. This is a beautiful background tone that is not too prominent that will help to enhance the delicate beauty of luxury and fashion of each girlfriend.

19 White Nail Polish

19 White nail polish

White nail polish is a gentle tone that helps to enhance your skin skillfully. When choosing white nail polish you can combine at many simple nail styles suitable for many ladies who pursue simple styles but love the delicate elegance.

Just a smooth pink tones is enough to enhance the skin of your hands. The nail set is simple but very suitable and is chosen by many ladies to pursue a simple but elegant style. Depending on your preferences, you can wear the creativity of a “no touch” hand.

20 Glossy Nail Polish

20 Glossy nail polish

Glossy nail polish is one of the indispensable paints for girls who have a passion for nails. Glossy nail polish has at least 3 uses you can apply such as making nail primer; Even become a regular nail polish when you want to change to a simple, gentle tone after the colorful months.

21 Jelly Nail Polish

21 Jelly nail polish

Jelly nail polish is inspired by sparkling quartz stone, these new style nails will definitely bring elegance to the girls. This nail polish was born to satisfy the never-ending beauty thirst of believers that makes women crazy.

22 Transparent Nail Polish

22 Transparent nail polish

Transparent nail polish is one of the gentle simple nail styles. This type of nail polish helps your nails become feminine, gentle but no less elegant. This paint color is not too ostentatious so it is extremely suitable for girls in any situation such as going out, partying, going to work or school.

23 Nail Polish

23 Nail polish

Nail polish has been around for a long time, but so far there is no sign of cooling down. The trend of nail polish is well received by many beauty devotees. This paint color will help you impress as well as become prominently attractive wherever you appear.

24 Milky White Nail Polish

24 Milky White Nail Polish

Milky white tones are neutral harmonize tones that can be combined with many accessories to create a charming personality. Bright white is simple but creates the opposite of the color of the skin that attracts attention when you appear anywhere. If you are a fashionable girl, you should not ignore this type of combination.

25 Moss Green Nail Polish

25 Moss green nail polish

Moss green nail polish in recent years has emerged as a new trend that many women welcome. This nail gives you an impressively new look. A little moss green you can transform with styling such as stone, plaid … It will make your hands more feminine and prominent. Owning this paint color you can combine with the types of costumes as well as makeup styles to be able to confidently appear anywhere.

26 Emulsion Nail Polish

26 Emulsion nail polish

Simple emulsion nail polish is not too prominent, this paint color makes your skin become whiter. This style is very suitable for girls who simply do not like styling but always want to stand out. Painting emulsion color is extremely easy to coordinate clothes to make you more feminine courtesy. In addition, this type of nail polish is very good for office girls or going to parties …

27 Simple Nail Polish

27 Simple nail polish

Simple nail polish designs are very diverse you can choose from. According to the trend, these simple nail polish patterns are often painted monochrome colors combining 1 to 2 fingers to decorate gently to accentuating the whole hand.

This is a style that is very loved by many women because of its luxurious and noble sophistication.

28 2 Color Nail Polishombre

28 2-color nail polish Ombre

The trend of 2-color nail polish has appeared for many years, receiving a lot of response from the beauty community. 2-color nail polish or Ombre derived from France is a nail technique blended from one color to another, usually a combination of 2 dark or light colors. Ombre style is created into many different styles.

Therefore, owning a beautiful nail polish with Ombre color will help you become more prominent and attractive.

29 Rough Nails Polish

29 Rough Nails Polish

Rough paint (or paint) is probably a term that is not unfamiliar to women. If you are a girl who is fascinated by the appearance by changing nail polish patterns regularly, the trend of rough paint is becoming a hot trend that is being rushed to work by many women.

You can use rich trendy colors such as blue, purple pink, reddish-brown, gray, moss … from light to bold levels suitable for each person’s personality preferences.

This type of paint you can paint yourself at home does not cost a lot of money because it is easy to make and less stained than conventional paints

30 Line Pattern Nails

30 Line pattern Nails

Nail polish is promoted by many Vietnamese stars increasingly popular with young people. This nail pattern is decorated quite simply with lines that accentuate the hands in a subtle and charming way.

With nail polish patterns combined with many styles will bring the most perfect and pleasing nail.

31 Marble Effect Nail Polish

31 Marble Effect Nail Polish

For girls who have the habit of “make up” nails, the stone and marble effect catches the right frequency for those who love youth and luxury.

The marble pattern effect has a wide variety of styles. You can arbitrarily combine colors as well as costumes in a subtle and skillful way.

This type of nail polish is easy to make but very pretty and attracts all eyes.

32 Blurry Matte Nail Polish

32 Blurry Matte nail polish

Matte nail polish is gradually becoming a trend for girls who love luxurious tenderness. The faded paint fad originated in France, with this blurry effect will help the stylish girls show their class and personality.

Matte paint patterns make your hands more feminine tender

33 Nude Nail Polish

33 Nude nail polish

Nude nail polish is becoming a nail fashion trend that has never run out of hot in the beauty community. Nude paint is born for girls who love luxurious beauty but still elegant tenderness. There are many colors and styles you can choose for yourself such as pinkish-pink, pink-purple, nude milk … It suits my taste as well as my fashion taste.

Nude paint makes your hands more luxurious, gentle

34 Needle Nail Polish

34 Needle Nail Polish

Nail polish or emulsion brings modern beauty, personality this summer. These colors will help you stand out in any situation.

It’s great if you wear this metallic outfit with this nail that will be extremely prominent to attract all eyes at important parties or events.

35 Polka Dot Nail Polish

35 Polka dot nail polish

Painting your nails with polka dot patterns will make you more beautiful and youthful. With a nail pattern with a polka dot pattern is skillfully drawn, harmonious color scheme will create a beautiful, lovely nail BST for you.

You will easily coordinate the costume with this nail style and become prominent, attracting all eyes.

36 Nail Polish With Stone

36 Nail polish with stone

Stone-encrusted nails have a variety of designs and colors. The stones attached to the nails create an extra accent that attracts all eyes. With stone-studded nails gives you a luxurious and noble appearance and is extremely delicate.

When wearing stone nails, you are confident to appear at parties or anywhere without being overshadowed.

37 Multi Tone Nail Polish Combined
37 Multi-tone nail polish combined

You are a young girl personality, the multi-tone nail polish combination although simple but sophisticated will be the most perfect choice.

Try wearing these nails wherever you will completely conquer and attract all eyes.

38 Nail Polish With Flowers Seeds Gently
38 Nail polish with flowers, seeds gently

The trend of flower-encrusted nails or light beads is becoming the focus of attention because this is a very impressive new nail style with a very noble artistic style.With flower-encrusted nails, light beads always make them more feminine, noble and stand out in luxurious parties and events.

39 Metal Nail Polish Template

39 Metal Nail Polish Template

Nail models with metal accessories are gradually a beauty trend that is loved by women. With metal features attached to the nails will enhance the impressive appearance, strong personality of girls who love the break. You can choose the color for your nails such as yellow, copper, silver … These colors will also be great when combined with neutral colors.

With metal accessories with a splendid pattern, attractive. The metal-studded nail style is quite fussy with manual glue but will be the highlight for beautiful hands.

40 Nail Polish With A Childish Motif
40 Nail polish with a childish motif

Nail polish with a childish motif was born for girls who love children and gossip. The childish motifs can be cute funny shapes combined with polka dot motifs to create a harmonious whole.

Owning a baby nail will make you young and lovely!

41 Pastel Nail Polish

41 Pastel nail polish

Nail polish with extremely sweet pastel colors is dubbed “yes but no” is very popular with women who love feminine tenderness. These pastel paint colors make your fingers look softer and more feminine than ever.

You can transform with many styles by combining pastel tones depending on each person’s preferences!

42 Earth Orange Nail Polish

42 Earth orange nail polish

Earthy orange or nude orange never goes out of fashion and captures the affection of many sisters. Earthy orange is suitable for all skin, costumes or circumstances will help you become more youthful and feminine.

You can break the way of adding patterns, polka dots or simple styles to make the nail more luxurious and attractive.

43 Soil Brown Nail Polish

43 Soil brown nail polish

Nail polish with earthy brown color is not a bad choice for women with dark skin. In particular, nail polish with a brown color is not too prominent to create lightness but still express the personality of the user.

With this nail color, you will easily combine with all kinds of costumes without worrying about being misaligned.

44 Soothing Yellow Nail Polish

44 Soothing yellow nail polish

The soothing yellow color is making the ladies lean, wobbly. Light yellow is a beautiful nail color just enough background but no less prominent for your hands to look delicate, luxurious and fashionable.

45 Black Nail Polish

45 Black nail polish

Girls with rebellious personalities love the unique, disruptive way, black nail polish is extremely suitable. Owning black painted nails will become more mysterious and attractive!

To paint beautiful black delicate needs to choose the brand as well as the new experienced hiter to help you have a perfect delicate nail set.

You can combine additional effects with fashion style, or unique styles, personality.

46 Mirror Coated Nail Polish

46 Mirror coated nail polish

Beautiful mirrored nail nails are gradually becoming a new trend that stylish girls love to shine. Mirror-coated nails are quite special because the shiny features reflected like a mirror, so it is very striking to bring the sophistication that makes your hands more impressively beautiful.

The color of mirror-coated nail is also quite diverse and prominent such as silver, purple, mint green, gold,… Make it free to choose according to your preferences and outfits.

Some notes when painting nails:

Is nail polish harmful?

According to research by experts, nail polish is absolutely not harmful to the health of both workers and nail technicians. However, there are also cases of headache, shortness of breath, skin irritation, affecting the ability to remember by a number of reasons such as poor quality use of products, unclean workplaces, not wearing masks when working …

How long does nail polish last?

Usually when applying nail polish, you will come to take care of the nails every 2 weeks to re-apply or redain the nails. However, you can keep for about 1 month and do not need to abstain from doing housework such as applying fake nails or applying powder.

How long does a fake nail last?

For fake nails, it will last longer if you prepare the nails properly, choose the right size and shape. If you use a good quality glue and take care of your hands carefully, fake nails can be used for 2-3 weeks.

How many minutes do you paint your nails?

To make nail polish forms are quite miraculous and meticulous. To make a nail set with stones takes about 180 minutes to 240 minutes.

How to keep your nails from breaking

Keeping your nails long and hard properly helps you to have healthy, beautiful hands without worrying about thin or brittle nails. Some methods of keeping nails from breaking such as:

  • Soak your nails in olive oil
Limiting exposure to chemicals

Do not use acetone cleanser

  • Drink plenty of water
Don’t keep your nails too long.

Don’t wash your hands too much.

Above is a compilation of beautiful nail polish patterns that became a trend in 2022. Hopefully through this article you will choose the right nail polish and suitable for your interests.

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